Dear Bringer of Light,

Thank you for showing up to this world with such a big heart.

Your very presence is enhancing life for everyone here.

I know that being you can be difficult!

You're awake in a world of chaos.

But guess what?

You not only create your life, you are a creator of the new world.

You're here to live life your way & make a positive impact just by being you.

13640854_10154248891126768_2131252808845824560_oIf you're experiencing struggle in bringing this concept to life, it's because you're overlooking one huge thing.

Your evolution is a full time job.

Finding and living your truth is your most important mission.

Your number one asset on this mission is your connection with your Higher Self.

That is what will guide you through the overwhelming sea of advice. And that is what will connect you with your adoring audience, the bank account of your dreams, and all the right circumstances needed to place you in your greatest impact.

Your Higher Self is the expert of your journey and your shortcut to the creation of your dream life. 

13734875_10154283482156768_789949759698560804_oI'm really glad you're here.

I've created this page and a whole membership site just for you.

It's called Sephyrus and it means bringer of light.

It's the perfect incubator as you get initiated to your mission, integrate it's lessons, and accelerate your impact.

Sephyrus walks you step by step through the process of aligning with your highest mission, and living as your most amazing and abundant self.

ALL while staying 100% authentic.

You are a multidimensional being.


You have many layers and levels to your work, your life, and to your business.

Being in a space that supports all of you is important because everything is connected.

At the core of Sephyrus is the Soul-Centered Business Bootcamp which brings you through the steps of connecting with your Higher Self and using that connection to design a business that supports your true purpose.

We also offer monthly group coaching, exclusive behind the scenes interaction, experience sessions and over a dozen other courses on advanced marketing, automation, psychic & intuitive development, creativity, copywriting, and more.

Regardless of the topic, all of these components combine skills training with strengthening your Higher Self connection. Whatever your desired lifestyle is, we can help you build the platform for living it.

"I cannot rave enough about Rachel and her courses. If you are in a job you don't love, at all confused about what you're supposed to do with your life, interested in working for yourself and exploring your psychic side I strongly encourage you to check this out!"

Rebecca, Firelily Healing Arts

Sephyrus offers you aligned education for multidimensional results

Deana Hoover

“The best thing that has happened to me since I started is that I have greatly increased my confidence in doing things my own way. I had become exhausted and discouraged trying to do what I thought I was supposed to do, rather than finding and creating my own path. I’ve become reinvigorated!

Deana Hoover
Stephanie Clark

I went from talking to doing. I learned that being different and maybe even a little weird can be a good thing. Especially in this world filled with cookie cutter therapists. I learned to connect and strengthen my gifts so that I could better serve my clients. My heart centered business is thriving because of it. I went from dreaming about having a practice to having one, now I have an office in a wellness center, am teaching classes, seeing clients, and got hired as a health coach for a international company. I have never been happier in my life.”

Stephanie Clark Holistic Health & Wellness CT
Marie J. Taylor

Working with Rachel is so refreshing. It’s like getting a clear mirror to stare into that sees parts that you don’t notice because they are always there, lots of coaches say they can help you with getting that sort of clarity, but Rachel can do it without imposing some business construct sales model on you or a skewed perspective.  She is one of the rare Female coaches of our time who holds space well enough to allow you to discover what is right for you for THIS moment.

So my business felt like a scattered jigsaw with so many skills abilities and passions but no picture on the box to follow. Many many other coaches I had paid to help me solve this problem and the underlying reasons causing me to find it difficult to resolve.  So I’m a tricky customer to impress if I’m being totally honest.  We spent the day before Christmas Eve opening and unfolding the layers of all the things I had going on.

The result, is that now I have the picture on the box to refer to.  And it doesn’t restrict me but  actually gives me a hook on which I can hang all of my diverse areas of expertise. But even more important, I have been able to accept myself and my business as I am, it’s not important for me to have ‘made six figures’ this year, what has been important is being able to seize the amazing life I have, be really present to it, because I know how I’m moving forward I’m not concerned about making success happen, it’s already there, time sort of just needs to catch up with it, if you know what I mean?

I’m so glad I discovered Rachel.  And now I help more people because of it.

Marie J. Taylor Urban Earth Mother

Sephyrus will teach you how to live a life of Purpose and Prosperity

I guide you personally through the process of merging your unique soul talents, gifts, experience, and expertise with your current life situation - all your training, your preferences, and your personality strengths to create what you need to support your desired lifestyle. It could be a business or it could be hopping around the world and housesitting for millionaires. Whatever it is, I'll help you figure it out and create it.

There is a PLAYGROUND full of over 15 personal, psychic, and business development courses, meditations, and more PLUS 1 live group chat with me a month.

If starting or growing a business is your next step, the Soul-Centered Business Bootcamp is the place to start within Sephyrus. Here's what it covers:

  • Step 1

    Connect to Infinite Wisdom

    Your higher self communicates to you through the body. You have access to INFINITE wisdom through this channel. Connect here and you'll always know what to do to move you towards greater abundance and happiness.

  • Step 2

    Leverage Your Soul

    Your soul has millions and millions of years of training, expertise, and experience that you can take advantage of now. Tapping into this power and using it to backup your current offering will greatly enhance your results. Think about it - you wouldn't train for a marathon and then walk, right? Don't leave all of your soul expertise on the table.

  • Step 3

    Remove Your Resistance

    If you didn't have beliefs in place that contradict what you are seeking, you'd be at your destination already. We all have resistance, and the key to moving forward is knowing how to handle it.

  • Step 4

    Create Your Signature Offer

    When you combine your soul's expertise with your real world training & personality, you get your signature offer. This is a highly leveraged service or product that carries the power of your soul behind it for maximum magnetism to your ideal clients.

  • Step 5

    Build Confidence & Course Correct

    Every new offer needs testing and tweaking. In this step, you do a trial run and get feedback from others and yourself. The results show you where you need better alignment. Doing this will help you feel more confident in your work and appear authentic and effortless to others.

  • Step 6

    Broadcast & Receive Clients

    Get the word out about your new offer and create pathways for new clients to come in. This is the step where you get paid for doing your soul-centered work. It feels great!

Sephyrus is an intensive and immersive experience. That means you get to spend your time IN the vibration of your desired life from the moment you sign up. Your transformation starts immediately.

Yes, we teach you how to craft an authentic offer and marketing that magnetizes your ideal clients to you. Yes, you learn the business side of living your purpose, but it’s truly the inner work that creates the biggest shift. The inner work allows synchronicity to deliver your abundance. Don’t take my word for it, either.

Ute L.

I am deliberately initiating a major change in my life and really wanted a different perspective on whether this is the direction I should take. The soul gifts revealed an aspect of myself that I had totally denied to date, even though I had felt nudges that I could not explain. I now feel so much support behind me in stepping onto my new path. Thank you so much, Rachel, for taking away a veil and facilitating clarity in my life.

Ute L.
Patty Adamik

Before working with Rachel I was in a state of confusion - changing my focus from hands-on body-work to coaching and finding a niche.  I spent a lot of time spinning my wheels doing things that I thought I 'should' do based on other people's advice and basically going nowhere. I now have clarity about who I am meant to serve, confidence in building a program and a wealth of practical information about how to do it on a technical level as well. I am actually looking forward to doing the bootcamp again with my new clarity and focus, I know I will get even more out of it.  My business is now set-up to be joyful, sustainable and profitable.

Patty Adamik, Wildly Thriving Wise Woman & Everyday Shaman
Jane Morba

Thank you, Rachel, for the Bootcamp experience and private readings.  You are such an intuitive person and I gained a lot of positive momentum in my brand and offerings. I connected to the Goddess and Feminine part of my services and gained much more success with my soul based feminine business.

Soul-Centered Business Bootcamp provided a beautiful container for expanding and growing my services. I loved working with Rachel and will continue to be in touch for more exciting videos and offerings she freely imparts on her clients. I am so happy to have discovered her! She is a beautiful person -- full of heart and desire to truly help her clients grow.

She is the real deal!

Jane Morba

If you dive in and implement the trainings, you can expect to see each of these results & more: 

  • Clarity of Purpose
  • Development of Purpose-Supporting Business
  • Ability to get Reliable Psychic Information
  • Strong Higher Self Connection
  • In-Depth Knowledge of Your Soul
  • Ability to Market Your Business Effectively
  • Magnetize Your Ideal Clients
  • Harness the "High Impact You" Vibration
  • Create, Implement, & Embody from Your Highest Expression
  • Create Amazing Copywriting with Ease
  • Fun & Joy Working in & on Your Business
  • Earn INCOME from Working with Amazing Clients

I knew that if I personally worked on me, it would rub off on my business – and it did! I feel more connected to me, I have new tools to help me make decisions, and I landed an amazing new client! The extra income actually paid for the program.

Megan Starboard Digital

What you get in your Sephyrus Membership:

  • On-Demand Content

    15+ courses that are ready for you immediately after joining.

  • Coaching Calls

    Monthly Group Coaching sessions where all of your questions are answered and you can get personal help.

  • Members Forum

    Talk with like-minded people and share inspiration in the forum.

  • Intuitive Development Courses

    Classes teaching you how to see auras, meet your spirit guides, do Intuitive Drawing and more. Beginner & Advanced courses are available.

  • Business Development Classes

    Learn how to make Profitable Decisions, create Energetic Copywriting, Launch your program and much more.

  • Behind the Scenes

    Peek inside a business run on authenticity and intuition. You’ll get exclusive videos and articles showing you the process of running such a company.

  • Guided Meditations

    Benefit from several guided meditations in the areas of Health, Wealth, and Soul Connection. This will keep you focused and connected.

  • Accountability Journal

    Track your progress and keep on the path by using this tool.

  • Experience Sessions

    Gain confidence & clarity from experiencing yourself in action. Monthly experience prompts will help you expand your comfort zone.

S. Muller

Rachel has helped me to overcome many obstacles in my life including self imposed limitations, fear, shortsightedness, and much more that was hindering my personal success in life, love and the world at large. Her insight has lead me to places I never thought I would go and am very glad that I did. She is an invaluable asset to anyone in honest need of assistance with life.

S. Muller Spen Muller Helped Me

Membership Course Descriptions & Details:

The following courses are included:

Become the BIG You Transformation Guide

Living from this “BIG” you doesn’t only transform your business, it up-levels your friendships, intimate relationships, your personal style, your environment, your health, and every other area of life you can think of. This transformation system consists of videos, checklists, and audio content that will radically improve your quality of life when implemented. Bad habits will fall away and you will become more connected with the true you.

Scavenger Hunt For Your Soul

In this 5 module home study course, you’ll find your purpose and connect with your spiritual core. Using tools such as your natal chart, numerology, childhood intelligence, guided meditations & more, you will uncover your soul’s gifts, talents & life purpose. You’ll be confronted with your original life plan and will be able to connect very deeply with your reason for being alive now. It’s an incredible class packed with content and revelation.

Profitable Decision Making

No more questioning your own judgment, no more wondering what to do. Now you can make confident decisions with ease. This training will connect you with your higher self & walk you through the process of authentic & profitable decision making. You’ll learn how to channel your higher wisdom and get reliable answers every time.

Energetic Copywriting

You will learn to create your copy from a connected, flow state. This means little or no effort is involved. You will learn to channel from the “High Impact You” all that you need written for your business: website copy, about page, invitation letter, program materials, etc. Audio training, templates and prompts are provided.

Psychic Development for Beginners

In this 6 week class you will learn to develop your intuitive ability to see auras, spirits, and the universal energy surrounding us all. You will be introduced to channeling energy with intuitive drawing and accessing the realms of the past and present while connecting with your spirit guides. You will also learn to increase the ability to access your higher expanded self on demand and use your intuition/psychic senses in your everyday life. 

I have two favorite parts in the Psychic Development Course. Connecting to my higher self and the intuitive drawing. I have more confidence relying on my intuition. I really enjoyed this class!! Thank you! - Marisa T.
It was fun and less mysterious.  Your uncomplicated and "just do it" approach helps make it possible.  I would recommend this class. - Susan
I feel more in touch with my higher self! You explained everything very well and I learned a lot.  Thank you very much! - Jill
I'm far more open, more relaxed and handle stress better now.  Thank you. - Frank

Enhance Your Psychic Senses

Become the master of your vibration while you learn to see the color in auras, spirit guides and more. Learn to understand your guides, angels & other energy groups. You’ll have the keys to controlling the on and off switch for your senses and also to who visits you and what you see. You’ll learn how to access past lives, your contracts, soul blueprints, and how to use your inner and outer vision to see energy. You’ll even learn how to identify different energy signatures and how to ensure that you are speaking with invited guests only!

Meet Your Spirit Team

Learn how to communicate with your Angels, Guides, and Loved Ones in spirit in this workshop. You'll use Intuitive Art to have a two way conversation and receive guidance and healing.

Soul Focus

This is an Intuitive Art Method to turn your Purpose into Reality. We’re here to manifest our desires and live our highest good, potential, and soul purpose.The Soul Focus Method is the process of getting your to-do’s from our Higher Self so you can live in alignment and reap the multi-dimensional rewards of that. In a nutshell, you learn to make choices that deliver your desires to you.


Going Evergreen

Create a passive income product and set it up to take sales while you sleep. This course is easy to understand for beginners and walks you through the entire process. There are options for every budget (no infusionsoft needed). There is also a part of this course that will help you design a product if you don't have one already. 

The Technical Steps to Launch

This is a 14 part video tutorial bringing you through the steps of setting up a teleseminar or webinar launch of your new offer. Everything is done in real time, so you can follow along and create your auroresponder, opt-in and thank you pages, and everything else that you need to be up and running on the web.

Open Your Money Channel

Money can be one of the toughest things to manifest. We all grow up absorbing so many negative beliefs around money, and we often come to this life imprinted with money baggage. This class takes you through a journey of releasing all of that so you can allow in more abundance.

Recordings of all Calls

You don’t have to try to remember everything, in fact, it’s not advisable that you do. Every coaching and Q&A call is recorded for you so you can be fully in the moment and not worry about taking notes. You can also re-listen to your calls and uncover hidden gems at a later date.

Done For You Resources

Prepared checklists, templates and scripts to assist you in implementing and launching your new offer. These will save you countless hours and missed steps. They are truly priceless!

Guided Meditations

Easy to listen to recordings of meditations that will guide you to your best health, wealth, and Higher Self connection. These are great for repeated use and also for the occasional checkin. 


Monthly Coaching Calls

Each month you have the opportunity to get coaching. This is the time to have your questions answered and find out what to do next. Learn from others and be an example as well. 

Lana Bos

Rachel is the only business coach who has changed my life in just one phone call.

Now I'm all set to embark on a path that would actually feed my soul.

Lana Bos,

- Bonus Course -

The Psychic Lifestyle: Become a Conscious Creator

You'll learn how to integrate your intuition so that you can make confident decisions and start benefiting from ease alignment and synchronicity.

You'll see how to add more creativity into your work and personal life.

You'll understand what the most beneficial actions to take are and how to problem solve.

This means you won't ever get stuck you'll always have a plan for staying in motion.

This course will help you to:

Release outside pressures & expectations

Greatly diminish stress

Identify and mitigate fear

Tap in to your own authority

Align with the life and results that will make you feel like you’re already a millionaire

 $1000 Value


Private Laser Coaching

You will be able to book a 20 minute laser coaching session each month so you can stay on track get strategic help and psychic advice. That adds up to 4 Hours of coaching

$2000 Value

It not a coincidence that you're here.

Your higher self, guides, and intuition steered you to this page for a reason. You are an amazing, loving, gifted being who is here on Earth right now to share your light. Your expression of that will be different than every other person on the planet.

Sephyrus is here to support your journey of Purpose and to help you experience it with ease and prosperity.

If that sounds like what you've been craving, I invite you to join now. 

Ready to step into a new level of truth and prosperity?

Pay in Full
    Join Sephyrus

    Save over $350

    Not sure what to do?

    Do this now or else what will it cost you? If you've been in group programmes that you've been convinced to join because they made you feel like you are broken in some way and their programme will fix you.

    This is a group programme that will deliver on its promises. Just like buying a shop bought dress and getting it tailored to fit. Perfect if you are turning a corner or just starting to figure out who you are and what you do that is unique, with the additional support (from the group AND personal support from Rachel) that you need to make sure you do actually get going.

    Marie, Athena Network
    United Kingdom

    Case Study:  Kae's Decision Point

    One woman in particular was Kae. She came in knowing she needed a change. Her current life was draining her, she was uninspired, and had a gray outlook on the future. She was thinking hard about what she’d like to do next. She had an interest in herbalism and thought that the best thing to do would be to open a tea shop.

    Somewhere people could come and relax, and restore themselves with custom blended herbal tea. Now that sounds wonderful, but it wasn’t right for her.

    I asked her spirit guide what he thought of this and he showed me a painted leaf.

    The details were remarkable. It had three colors of green, and the leaf was so stylized that it appeared distinct. I drew the leaf and described the color to my client and waited for her kaepaintingresponse. I’d never met this woman before, so I didn’t know if she painted at all!

    It turns out she LOVED to paint. She was also very talented at it. Until then, she was stuck in a more formal style and wasn’t getting the enjoyment out of it that was possible. When she went home after our session, she immediately freed herself from the “shoulds” of painting and let loose. A few weeks later, she came back and handed me a print of a painting. On it, was the exact leaf her spirit guide had showed me.

    I was floored. Take a look for yourself.

    That client went on to show and sell her paintings and prints. The joy she now felt as she created from her soul and got the recognition she deserved was unparalleled in her life before. She really became a new person. She became the BIG version of herself. That happened in 2007 and she is still painting and evolving in joy.

    Claudia's Story

     Claudia 2The day I found Rachel online I was looking for a workshop I could take from home.  I was looking for somebody out there who could help me find my way professionally.  I’m Mexican, but I live in the Czech Republic and sometimes feel outside of their culture.  I’d worked in advertising for over 10 years, was an Art Director, and I got to the point I felt stuck.  I hated my job.  I cried every day.  Every project was a nightmare and I couldn’t be creative anymore.  I was finally fired, the first time in my life... that was my biggest fear and it felt awesome!  I felt it was the right thing, and I said thank you to the universe.

    I wasn't sure this would work. I mean, taking lessons from someone I don't know and send money as well?  My boyfriend questioned why I was investing in someone I didn’t know at all.  I had never cared about these things before.  But I trusted my YES and SO many incredible things have followed!

    When I started working with Rachel, I didn’t actually have a business.  I was developing an alternative business… something that could make me happy and relaxed – a potential escape from a job I hated.  After being fired, I decided to create a new massage business with the skills I’d acquired 2 years before.  I learned from Rachel that we all have a gift to share with the world, something we have always done easily.  For me, those gifts were massage and graphic arts.

    Since I decided to trust fully in my gifts, I have been having people coming to massage who feel really good!  They are returning clients who recommend me to friends.  When I give massage, my whole room is full of love and gratitude – something I never had in advertising.  After I was fired, people have been calling me for interviews and more professional opportunities have opened up.

    My creativity and connection to my hiIMG_4377gher self has shifted after starting the program – I’m more aware of everything.  I feel more relaxed, and I am able to face my fears.  I know there is a long way to go, so much to learn and develop, but I’m happy because I’m trusting more. I am accepting things easier knowing that what come after will be better.  I am more aware of energies and spirits.  Meditation has become my favourite activity of the day.  I’m reconnecting with my drawings and my imagination.  People around me are also changing.  They suddenly start talking about energies and are more positive. I am able to talk more to my plants and animals.

    As far as the program, Rachel is really there for her clients – involved 100%!  I like the phone calls.  I love how well organized the whole website is and the homework.  I especially enjoy the books we read because I learn from everything.  The group of people is also great – it’s a network of people who share your interests.  I like when they posts about their work -- they all seem amazing!

    My business is very small still, but I have done something very unique with it and many other things triggered from starting my own business.  It is a place where I use my creativity to expand positive vibrations to help people to heal.  I am already considering creating a new business parallel to my massage where I can use what I have learned all these years in designer and advertising to boost holistic business like Rachel’s.

    This has been amazing, but I have to thank Rachel for being there to remind me to trust fully.  And that is something like jumping from an airplane with a parachute. Just... enjoy the ride!

    Listen to your real self: your heart. Did you feel expanded while learning about Sephyrus?  Did you see the possibility for yourself and your future?

    There are always reasons to say no, but the problem is, that won’t get you any closer to where you want to be! Every obstacle can be overcome. Every fear has an opposite side of joy. If you focus on the fear, then you miss the pathway through it.

    I know what it’s like to not get help, to not get out of my comfort zone, and to not invest in my business. That’s why I spent 7 long years making $200-$500 dollars a month doing what I really loved as a hobby while wasting away in a day job.

    When I decided to go all in, to invest the time, the self-compassion, and the money in my offering to the world, I catapulted out of that safe space and in a few short months my monthly income increased by a factor of 10! I wasn’t even working full time yet.

    I've seen so many of my clients find a new level of prosperity and purpose by using the programs in this membership. When you step into your truth, your outer world has no choice but to shift in a positive direction.

    If that sounds like a fun ride to you then make the decision to invest in yourself.  The world needs you and you deserve to let your whole self shine!

    Lots of love,





    PS:  Think about Kae. What if she had opened the tea shop - which was her logical answer to “what is my next step?” It might have been OK for a while, but it would not have fulfilled her to her depths. Energetically, she wouldn’t have magnetized customers to her, and she would have still wondered what to do - possibly making it back to art a few years and thousands of dollars of infrastructure and inventory later. If you want to cut straight to the heart - your soul - then join us.

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    Got some Questions? Get some answers!

    • q-iconIs registration open now?

      Yes! We have ongoing enrollment. That means you can join whenever you want. Come on in!

    • q-iconCan I get extra support if I need it?

      Yes! Once you sign up you will see the option available for extra support.

    • q-iconDo you offer refunds?

      No. Because of the digital nature of these courses I do not offer refunds. We totally over-deliver, too! Read the Terms & Conditions here.

    • q-iconI'm so busy, do I have to do everything?

      Nope! Your intuition will guide the way for you. I can help you prioritize your time spent in Sephyrus during a coaching call, too. 

    • q-iconWill I be charged again in 12 months?

      Yes, unless you cancel which you are free to do at any time. If you cancel, you will have access to Sephyrus until your year is up. 

    • q-iconCan I speak with you before signing up?

      Yes! If you want to discuss joining the membership with me, please email to make an appointment.